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Why Jumpology?

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After 20+ years in the fitness industry as we’ve known it, Abigail founded and created Jumpology – an exercise involving rebounding that builds muscle, burns fat AND cleanses our crucial lymphatic system (the “dumping post” for disease). After traveling a recent journey that involved a diagnosis of breast cancer, various surgeries, and then a terrifying reoccurrence in the lungs where she was told “this is terminal and you will die”, Abigail is now absolutely cancer free and desires to be a megaphone to the benefits of rebound exercise to the entire world! Will you help her? N.A.S.A. calls rebounding exercise “the most effective exercise yet devised by man.” Currently live classes are held 3 days-a-week in Abigail’s boutique, home-grown studio. The goal is to also launch “on demand” classes as soon as possible. Abigail’s first love is being a mom. She also enjoys helping others experience wellness and wholeness. She endeavors to lead by example in the health and wellness industry by being transparent about her own successes and failures in the hopes that passion of the truth will become contagious and life changing.

Approved by the best:

“the most effective exercise yet devised by man.”


 “Rebound exercise an ideal aerobic exercise activity for all ages, designed to promote and maintain a healthy mind and body.”

Dr. Gideon Ariel

Olympic Committee

 “If you see somebody jumping up and down on the second floor of the White House, that’s me rebounding.”

Ronald Reagan

Former President of the United States

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The goal is to launch “on demand” classes as soon as possible.

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