About Abigail

Abigail is a loving mom, an ordained minister, speaker, teacher, therapist, author, and trainer. She travels and speaks abroad, preaching and teaching the Word of God. Abigail has her Masters in Mental Health Counseling & Marriage/Family therapy from the Theological Seminary in Cleveland, TN, and is now working on her Doctorate in Counseling & Traumatology from Liberty University. She has also been a leader in the fitness & wellness industry for over 18 years.

Abigail experienced an encounter with Jesus and a miraculous healing from a terminal cancer diagnosis. She has been on an epic, powerful journey of faith, healing, and wholeness. Her book entitled, “The Conversation in Heaven,” explains her life’s journey of navigating through some very high mountains of success and some very, dark valleys- emerging from both with more HOPE & JOY than one could ever imagine possible! She shares real life stories of sorrow and joy, ups and downs, all while learning to hear what Heaven has to say about it! Because of this, she has dedicated her whole life to helping others hear that same Heavenly conversation in their own life!

Abigail is no stranger to suffering, having endured a very painful divorce, the loss of several close and dear loved ones, facing and conquering a diagnosis of terminal cancer and much more. She knows the depths of valleys where depression, emotional pain, loss, discouragement, and much more can try to wreak havoc in our lives and cause us to believe the lie that there is no more hope. She also has emerged to the mountaintop, experiencing supernatural healing and is on a journey after wholeness in every area of her life, the wholeness that Jesus purchased and promises for us in our spirit, soul, and body. Isaiah 53:5b, “… He endured the punishment that made us completely whole, and, in His wounding, we found our healing.” She has learned that HOPE has a Name, and that Name is Jesus! She wants to help others experience the same!

She is also the founder & creator of JUMPOLOGY, a program all about rebounding exercise which builds muscle, burns fat, AND cleanses our crucial lymphatic system, which is the “dumping post” for disease. Along with JUMPOLOGY, she customizes personal fitness & nutrition plans to help others rid themselves of the “inner weights” that are slowing them down from living wild & free, empowering them to experience the dream-come-true life that has always been OURS to enjoy. Getting healthy is NOT as hard as it seems, and Abigail will show you how! No matter how dark or difficult your valley, there is ALWAYS HOPE in any circumstance!

Abigail also enjoyed her time as an on-staff counselor at Bethel Atlanta Church in Tyrone, GA, where she also served as a 2nd year student pastor at the Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry (BASSM) for many years. She enjoys helping others experience wellness & wholeness in accompanying them throughout their quest for claiming their inheritance of spirit, soul & body wholeness through Christ Jesus.

Abigail greatly loves and values being a mother. She currently resides in Cleveland, TN, where Girl of Hope, Inc., her ministry and own private therapy and telehealth practice, finds its home base. She also works with Mark Carpenter and The Transformation Center, based in Chattanooga, TN. She also works with Dr. Tom Biller and the staff at Health Management Services in Cleveland, TN.

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